Goosebumps Downloadable Coloring Pages

Are you excited for the new
Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween movie?

Click the links below to download
coloring pages from Sony Pictures. 

Bring in your finished coloring sheet
for your chance to win a prize!

Please include your first name, age and a contact phone number on the back of the page so that we may contact our winner.

Gummy Bears: Goosebumps_GummyBears-Domestic.pdf
Pumpkin Head: Goosebumps_PumpkinHead-Domestic.pdf 
Slappy: Goosebumps_Slappy-Domestic.pdf
Slappy and Troll: Goosebumps_SlappyTroll-Domestic.pdf
Witch: Goosebumps_Witch-Domestic.pdf